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Coaching is an intentional, powerful alliance between a coach & client to tap purpose, passion, and potential to create sustainable results through an action-oriented process.

Coach Dwayna works with individuals and groups on a face-to-face or over-the-phone method. 

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New Season Coaching

Career Coaching:

  • Get Hired Now™ 28-day program to land the job you want
  • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory for groups and individuals
  • Humor in the Workplace

Life Coaching:

  • Educators seeking to revigorize in today's world of assessment and accountability.
  • Women who are seeking their own identity and self-worth through personal or professional growth.
  • Adolescents facing career/college decisions, self esteem and motivation issues.

Group CoachingWorkshops

Get out of the "cloud" and take time to laugh out loud! The powerful natural medicine of laughter can help you to bring out your inner magic and add fun, energy, and humor to your day. In this lighthearted and interactive workshop you will discover your humor style—whether it be a fun meister, joy master, joke maker or life mocker. Learn how humor creates productive positive energy to lower stress, dissolve anger, protect your heart, connect with others, improve brain function and just overall feel great. Enhance your social, professional and personal life with the physical and mental benefits of laughter.

Services and Format:

  • Monthly retainer for four scheduled 30 minute sessions and unlimited e-mail support for individuals.
  • Workshops or coaching groups designed and scheduled around your needs.

Fee Structure:

  • Individual rates: $400 per month
  • Free - Introductory sessions offered
  • Call for group and retreat rates and information.